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December 8, 2014
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December 11, 2017


Insurance Corner

In November, it is customary to remember family and friends who have passed away.  As I think back over the last 6 years as an agent with the Knights of Columbus, the most difficult time for me has been to go see a widow, widower, or parents of a deceased child.  The first weeks are filled with family, friends and activities.  As more time passes, the flowers have died, the letters become scarce and phone calls become fewer.  All that is left is time and memories.  It is probably the most difficult time for us to get through.

As I ponder these moments, it has been a great satisfaction to me to know that most of the people I have seen have been covered with some type of life insurance.  They are relieved to know that the funeral expenses are taken care of, the medical bills can be paid and that the person left behind can continue to live the same type of life they had before.  The family members can remember the good times they had rather than worry about unpaid bills.

Most people put off reviewing their insurance portfolio.  It can be done tomorrow!  Well, tomorrow might not be here.  Something could happen today that would make this impossible.  Remember, a policy to pay for the last expenses is very affordable and comes to the beneficiary as a tax-free check.  In fact, all life insurance proceeds will be tax-free.  I would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss your portfolio with you and make sure you are covered in the way you would like to be.  Call me today for a convenient time to meet.

Rich Myers