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December 11, 2017


Home Association News

The Knights of Columbus will soon be remodeling the banquet hall. A drawing detailing the extent of the work will be on display and can be viewed for the next few weeks in the Knights Bar area. The proposed remodel is to bring the banquet facility up to date to compete with other banquet facilities in the area. The work includes: Creating ceiling coffers and wall pilasters as shown on the drawing will help create a more attractive an intimate feeling space, currently it has more of the cafeteria feel, this will also help with acoustics. In addition the coffers will be used to help uniformly distribute the HVAC, which allows the relocation of mechanical diffusers to these soffits and clean up the appearance of the ceiling. The existing ceiling grid, as well as much of the ceiling tile will remain, cleaned and repainted; some reworking will be required but as little as possible. In addition, the walls will be painted gypsum wallboard with wood veneer panels up to 3’ 0” height. Also wall sconces will be located at each pilasters, with drapes between to frame new and existing art work. A screening wall will be erected in front of the kitchen entryways and a dense low pole commercial carpet will be glued down in areas to help further with acoustics and providing a more formal appearance.

It is hoped these improvements, mostly cosmetic, will help increase revenues for our banquet facility as said revenue has fallen off drastically in recent years to other halls. Currently the improvements are scheduled to be completed in the 3-week period from mid-February to Early March as not to interfere with fish frys. Please provide any comments on the sheets provided at the hall.

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